Lev L. Spiro is a Fine Art Photographer and Filmmaker, whose photography tries to convey the sense of mystery, awe and wonder he finds in the natural world. A longtime lover of nature photography and landscapes, Lev has recently focused his attention on the more intimate landscape of his gardens. 


Images from his series “Fugitive Light” and "Night Creatures" have been chosen for multiple exhibitions from September 2020 through present, as well as publications including the "Gold Artist" feature for Art Ascent Magazine's June 2021 issue, and the current Black and White Photography Magazine March issue, featuring his work in the article "Ameriican  Connection".  His first solo exhibition debuted February 3rd, 2022 at the La Bottega Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA.


In Fugitive Light Lev explored the figurative and literal concepts of darkness in light, trying to understand why the surface beauty of the natural world he portrayed often gave way to darker emotions lying underneath. In his more recent series Night Creatures, Lev finds a more fantastical world in which his plants seem to move about, converse, fight, make love, and relate to each other in a highly anthropomorphized set of portraits and candid images which often harken to Greco-Roman mythology and archetypes.


Lev is also well known for his work directing over 165 television episodes, pilots and features, including  series such as Orange is the New Black, Modern Family, Weeds and Arrested Development.  He lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife and two dogs, who often accompany him and make helpful suggestions as he makes images.