“the artful garden” at santa fe workshops

Join me August 7th to August 24th, 2023 to discover a new set of photographic techniques that will help you make more unusual, compelling and delightful garden images!

Course Description: How can you bring your garden photography to the next level? Is it by focusing on the building blocks of photography: composition, light, focus, motion, perspective? Or by taking a fine-art approach, using metaphor, story, mood, and intention to create meaning? The answer is yes and yes!

This three-week online workshop led by fine-art photographer Lev L. Spiro begins with an overview of the history of garden photography, after which we discover new ways to explore light, perspective, motion, and focus. Lev uses each assignment to address issues such as how to work a subject, conceiving of composition, and seeing the world around you with fresh eyes.

We then embark on a new and exciting set of challenges: recognizing and employing gesture, creating mood and emotion, working with metaphor, and harnessing the power of narrative. Lev gently encourages you to experiment, embrace mistakes and learn from them, and expand your photographic and artistic vocabulary.

Whether you want to create floral fine-art pieces or simply make your garden images more unusual, compelling, and delightful, Lev presents you with the tools to move beyond simple representation of a subject so that your work truly embodies artistic and creative vision. Your garden photography may never be the same!

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The Artful Garden